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Development and Application of Large-diameter Hot-expanding Seamless Steel Pipe
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Large-diameter seamless steel pipe (§¶406 ~ 1500mm ¡Á 6.4 ~ 270.0mm) is mainly used for general fluid pipe, oil and gas line pipe, structural pipe, pressure vessels, pipe, high pressure boiler tube and other tubes and military, the main pipe material for high-quality carbon steel, alloy structural steel, stainless steel and special alloys. In China, small-diameter seamless steel pipe production equipment developed rapidly, and the development of large-diameter seamless steel pipe production is lagging behind.

At present, insufficient production capacity and large caliber can produce hot-rolled (pull) the largest diameter seamless steel pipe size limitations, making it attempts to process through thermal expansion of diameter diameter seamless steel pipe, etc. to achieve greater production. High production costs and more expensive hot-rolled seamless steel pipe production equipment, the thermal expansion process with a simple production process, quality, stability, economic and practical features, and low cost, high production efficiency. As smelting, rolling seamless steel pipe main line extension of the thermal expansion of the domestic large-diameter seamless steel pipe to fill the lack of specifications, to solve the user's specific needs.

Thermal expansion pipe is the pipe diameter through the expansion of a waste pipe finishing process - the production of process heat expanded diameter of the pipe. Commonly referred to thermal expansion thermal expansion are seamless steel pipe. Thermal expansion pipe classification number, divided by purposes, can be divided into high-temperature thermal expansion of steel equipment, low temperature thermal expansion of steel pipe, pressure pipe facilities with thermal expansion, thermal expansion of steel pipe, steel cylinder thermal expansion, thermal expansion of steel structure , thermal expansion of steel pipe for fluid transport and mechanical roller Thermal expansion pipe, etc.; divided by pipe material, can be divided into carbon steel pipe thermal expansion, low thermal expansion alloy pipe, high thermal expansion alloy tubes, titanium tubes and stainless steel thermal expansion Thermal expansion of steel pipe, etc.; by heat Expanding technology to divide, can be divided into cross rolling Thermal expansion pipe, drawing steel thermal expansion, thermal expansion of steel and other standard push. Thermal expansion of steel widely used, adaptable, in addition to widely used in petroleum, water vapor and flammable or combustible liquid in the low-pressure oil pipelines, gas and chemical industry, also used in high temperature pressure vessels and other power industry tube and pipe structure of urban construction in.

Currently in the world, thermal expansion carbon steel pipe production technology is relatively mature, high-alloy steel seamless pipe, the level of thermal processing equipment and methods have made great progress. From the blank to the tube is still the basic principle of cross rolling process perforation or perforation as the primary means of pressure to prepare the waste pipe, and through follow-up process to achieve the thermal expansion of diameter reduction wall and expanders.



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