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Seamless steel tube manufacturing process
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Seamless steel pipe production technology mainly refers to the cold drawn seamless pipes and hot-rolled seamless pipe two processes.

Cold drawn steel pipe uses hot rolled coil as raw materials to remove the oxide after cold rolling, pickling finished rising to rolling hard volumes, due to the continuous cold deformation caused by cold work hardening rolling hard volume strength, hardness, tough The plastic index decreased stamping performance will deteriorate, and can only be used for simple deformation of the parts. Rolling hard volumes can be used as the raw material of the hot-dip galvanizing plant, hot dip galvanizing line set annealing line. Rolling hard volume, weight 13.5 tons, coil inner diameter is 610mm.

Tandem cold rolling plate, the volume should be mechanical properties after continuous annealing (CAPL unit) or batch annealing to eliminate the cold work hardening and rolling stress, an appropriate standard provisions.

Cold-rolled steel surface quality, appearance, dimensional accuracy is better than hot-rolled plates and thickness of the product right rolled as thin as about 0.18mm, so by the majority of users. Cold-rolled coils for the substrate with the deep processing of products, high value-added products. Such as galvanized, hot galvanized fingerprint resistant electro-galvanized, color coated steel plate and the damping composite steel sheet of PVC laminating steel sheets, etc., so that these products are beautiful, high corrosion resistance and good quality, has been widely applied. After annealing, the cold-rolled steel coil finishing must be carried out, including the cutting head, tail, trimming, leveling, smooth, heavy volume, or longitudinal clipboard and so on. Cold-rolled products are widely used in automobile manufacturing, home appliances, instrument switches, construction, office furniture and other industries. The steel plate strapping a package of three to five tons. The formation of sub-volume re-generally 3 to 10 tons / volume. Coil inner diameter of 610mm.

As raw material for hot-rolled steel rolling slab continuous casting slab or early into the rough rolling mill reheating furnace heating, high-pressure water descaling after rough rolling material by the cutting head, tail, re-entering the finishing mill, the implementation of computer-controlled rolling system, and finally rolled after a laminar flow cooling and coiling machine coiling and straight hair volume. Straight hair volume head, the tail is often a tongue and fishtail, thickness, width less accuracy, edge often wavy, fold, pyramid and other defects. Its volume weight heavier coil inner diameter is 760mm. (General system pipe industry prefer to use.) Straight hair volume by the cutting head, tail cutting, trimming and multi-channel straightening, formation finishing line processing, and then cutting board or heavy volume, it becomes: hot-rolled steel board, flat hot-rolled steel coil slitting with other products. The entire volume of the hot-rolled fine pickled to remove oxide scale and oiled Serve hot pickling coils. The products have the tendency of the local alternative to cold-rolled plate, affordable, and the majority of users love.


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