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Pickling passivation
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To ensure the quality of pickling passivation, pickling passivation first need to consider the way of pickling passivation soaking inappropriate for the situation of liquid immersion, consider brushing pickling and passivation paste, but notbrushing pickling passivation solution. If you are using a new pickling passivation solution or paste in product before it is processed, it is recommended first specimens. When using acid passivation soaking, the need for periodic soaking test and laboratory.

(1) pre-treatment
Remove the surface of the weld metal and parent metal splash, welding slag, undercut, rugged, dirt, etc.. Remove the oil. Can be used when necessary, caustic washing, caustic washing after the required water to the surface rinse.

(2) pickling (pool wash) and wash
Strict control of the pickling temperature and time, based on the ratio of the acid lotion to prevent up to less than a pickling effect or excessive pickling caused by the phenomenon of corrosion of the matrix, if necessary, add a corrosion inhibitor in the pickling liquor. Carbon steel in the pickling products can be removed to be torn out, if not demolition needs coated with protective paint or seal rubber mud. With fresh water after pickling must be thoroughly washed, so that the surface is not retained residue, to facilitate the subsequent passivation.

(3) passivation (Pool wash) and wash
Characteristics and temperature of the passivation solution, and strictly control the passivation time, so that the formation of the passive film. Passivated should be thoroughly washed, not retained residue.

(4) acid passivation (combo) liquid (washing pools) and rinse
If you use pickling passivation (Combo) liquid, the difference is only pickling passivation once completed, the other can be with reference to the foregoing requirements.

(5) acid passivation (Combo) cream (brushing) and rinse
The use of pickling passivation (Combo) cream, the specific steps as follows: the paste evenly brushing the surface need acid passivation (usually first coated weld) oxide thick at slightly coated thicker
(6) post-processing
Surface passivation after pickling passivation need to take certain protective measures to prevent the destruction of the passive film. The surface passivation is not allowed to contact with hard objects (including stainless steel wire and wire brush); prohibited such as welding and grinding.


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