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The hot rolled strip coiling temperature control
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As hot rolled strip coiling temperature change,which recrystallized grain diameter, volume and shape of precipitates changes and its mechanical properties change.Finishing temperature must improve the coiling temperature will lead to larger recrystallized grain yield limit, tensile strength decreases in the production of hot strip coiling temperature,so it is an important factor affecting the strength of the rolling, and an extension ofsexual materials processing is also influential, it is necessary to carry out strict management and control of the coiling temperature.

The hot rolled strip coiling temperature control is mainly through control of the strip cooling system in the finishing mill to achieve. Coiling temperature accuracy of the strip full-length in the actual production not only determines the control of the cooling system, but also on the strip head, especially the thin gauge strip had a greater impact on the operational stability of the output rollers.


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