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Gas Steel Pipe
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Natural gas (including oil production of associated gas) or from mining to transport to treatment plants or industrial center of the city gas distribution pipeline business users, also known as the gas pipeline. Use of natural gas pipeline transportation of natural gas, natural gas is a lot of land the only way. Total length of the pipeline in the world, accounting for about half of the natural gas pipeline.

Gas Steel Pipe£¨natural gas pipeline)from a single tube assembly connected together by the root. Modern gas gathering pipelines and gas pipelines from the pipe connection is made by welding. Seamless steel pipe with spiral seam pipe, straight seam tube(ERW steel pipe) variety, for seamless pipe 529 mm below the pipe, straight seam tube and spiral seam pipe for large diameter pipes.

In order to ensure the safe operation of pipelines, countries are set to enter the gas pipeline quality standards, which generally include: provision of natural gas, hydrogen sulfide, moisture, dew point and other standards; provides pipeline by catchment area population density index to determine the types of design factor to determine the minimum wall thickness of the method; develop fire safety distance; provides use of steel pipe welding performance, toughness, crack performance, and provides gas transportation does not meet the quality standards of the gas pipeline should have the choice of pipe resistance to sulfur and so on.

Double Submerged Arc Spiral steel pipe(SSAW steel pipe) pressure capacity of its high resistance, low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, easy installation and maintenance, etc. And more and more oil and gas, slurry transportation, urban construction and other industries welcome. Automatic double-sided submerged arc welding into the legal system for water, gas, natural gas, filling, chimney, structure and chemical casing generally low pressure liquid delivery pipe. Steel pressure capability, ease of welding and forming, through a variety of rigorous testing and scientific testing, the use of safe, reliable, large-diameter steel pipe, transmission efficiency, and save the laying of pipeline investments.


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