LSAW steel pipe rust method

In the oil and gas pipeline anti-corrosion construction process, LSAW steel pipe anti-corrosion surface treatment is to determine the life of one of the key factors, it is LSAW steel pipe anti-corrosion layer and whether the combination of a solid premise. The study of professional organizations, in addition to the life of the coating depends on the type of coating,Coating quality and construction of environmental factors, LSAW steel pipe coating surface treatment of life-span of about 50%, therefore, should be strictly in accordance with standard coating the surface of LSAW steel pipe requirements, continuous improvement straight seam steel surface treatment method,LSAW steel pipe are mainly the following methods in addition to embroidery


SSAW steel pipe and LSAW steel pipe

50 to 60 years, spiral steel pipe(SSAW steel pipe) in the oil and gas pipelines in the widely used, 70 to 80 years by the LSAW steel pipes and ERW steel pipes of serious challenges, since the world is basically in the oil and gas pipeline is no longer used in the spiral steel, many large international Shiyou Gong


LSAW steel pipe symbol and acceptance

An outer diameter less than 36mm of LSAW steel pipe and shaped cross-section perimeter is less than 150mm of LSAW steel pipes, from time to print in mind.

2 outside diameter not less than 36mm of LSAW steel pipe and the cross-section shaped perimeter not less than 150mm of LSAW steel pipe, straight seam should be at each end of the pipe ends are printing, stamping, roll printing, stamp or mark paste . Mark should be clear and obvious, not falling. Mark should include the steel grade, the product rules


Identification of steel pipe materials fracture

Chemical composition of different steel pipe materials, the fracture characteristics also varies. The fracture characteristics observed by the naked eye. Steel materials can be identified in general, this method is called fracture identification method.

High and low pressure seamless tube for boiler production process

Seamless tube for boiler is a boiler, are seamless categories, seamless steel pipe manufacturing methods and the same, but used in the manufacture of steel pipe, there are strict requirements. Boiler seamless pipe used often in conditions of high temperature and high pressure, high temperature gas and water vapor in the tube under the action of Oxidation and corrosion will occur. Requires durable steel with high strength, high corrosion resistance to oxidation and have good organizational stability. Boiler seamless pipe is mainly used to manufacture high pressure and high pressure boiler superheater tubes, reheater tubes, seamless boiler gas guide tubes, main steam pipe and so on.


Stability of spiral steel pipe thermal fatigue

Spiral steel pipe in the proportion in recent years, stable at 42% to 45%, the pipe on the rise. Spiral welded steel pipe compared with the reliability of materials and adaptable species, especially adapted to the production of thick steel and alloy steel.

What is API 5L?

Generally API 5L refers toAPI 5L line pipe,which is out of the ground the oil, gas, water, transported by pipeline to pipe oil and gas industry companies.

API SPEC 5L-2011 (line pipe specification), the American Petroleum Institute prepared and published, in the common parts of the world.


The manufaturing standard and application of LASW steel pipe

Consumption, high efficiency, welded steel pipe consumption process is simple. Types of specifications, equipment investment, but the average strength of less than seamless. Over the years, with the consumption of high-quality moving rapidly to carry out strip rolling and welding and inspection technology, advances from time to time weld quality, welded steel pipe increasing the types of specifications, and more and more areas in a seamless replacement. Press LSAW steel pipe and spiral welded pipe is divided into Longitudinal. Longitudinal simple consumer technology, consumption and high efficiency, low interest rates, to carry out fast. The strength of spiral steel pipe common than straight seam high, can narrow the larger diameter pipe billet consumption, but also the width of the blank with the same consumption of different diameter pipe. But with the same length of straight seam pipe compared to the weld length of 30 to 100% and the consumption rate is low. Thus, the smaller diameter pipe actually use straight seam steel pipe, large diameter spiral welded pipe is mostly used.

Characteristics and use of flexible composite high-pressure transporting pipe

New type of flexible composite high-pressure pipeline has successfully developed and put on the market. Performance is much better than traditionalsteel and glass, the application potential.