Different uses of steel with different technical conditions

Different uses of steel in accordance with the actual use and working conditions for the different response to pipe size tolerance, surface quality, chemical composition, mechanical properties, process performance, and other special properties such as, the different technical conditions.


Development of seamless steel pipe

China's first seamless steel pipe production history, or a solid ingot is made of the capillary tube through the hole, then through the hot-rolled, cold-rolled or cold call is made.Specifications of seamless steel pipe with a diameter * wall thickness in millimeters, said.Hot-rolled and cold rolled seamless steel pipe points (dial) types of seamless steel pipe.Hot-rolled seamless steel pipe generally sub, low, medium pressure boiler pipe, high pressure boiler pipe, steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, oil cracking pipe, steel and other steel and other geological.Cold-rolled (allocated) Subject to sub-general seamless steel pipe, low and medium pressure boiler pipe, high pressure boiler pipe, steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, oil cracking pipe, other steel, but also includes carbon thin-walled steel pipe, alloy steel thin-walled,thin-walled stainless steel, special steel pipe.Hot-rolled seamless pipe diameter is generally greater than 32mm, wall thickness 2.5-75mm, can be cold-rolled seamless steel pipe diameter to 6mm, wall thickness to 0.25mm, outer diameter thin-walled tube can be less than 0.25mm to 5mm thickness, cold than hot-rolled high dimensional accuracy.

The application of seamless steel pipe in various industries

As the pipe bending ability, so in recent years, factories, stadiums and other buildings of the roof frame, beams, columns, adopted steel housing, with the development of steel production in the construction is also more and more use ofsteel structure, daily utensils, furniture, water supply and drainage, gas, heating and ventilation, means of transport and agricultural equipment manufacturing, underground resources such as coal, oil and gas development, defense and space used guns, artillery, rockets, missiles, etc.are inseparable from steel, so the pipe on the development of national economy and people's standard of living are closely related.


The ways to eliminate rupture phenomenon of cold drawn seamless steel tube

High-precision cold drawn seamless steel pipe abroad is generally increased in the metal alloy approach to improve material performance in the cold drawn seamless steel pipe, after all need to stress annealing, to eliminate residual stress of materials, to improve the organization of materials,improve the plastic material, thus preventing the purpose of seamless steel pipe fracture failure occurs.


The standard Index of Precision seamless tube

1) Precision Seamless main varieties: DIN Precision Series high precision seamless bright, dedicated precision seamless hydraulic system, automobile manufacturing special precision seamless tube

2) Main standards: DIN2391, DIN2445, EN10305, DIN1629, DIN1630, ASTM A179


Seamless steel pipe production

Seamless steel pipe production technology :                          seamle