The difference of hot dip galvanized square tube and cold galvanizing square tube

Galvanized square tube in two ways: hot-dipped galvanized square pipe and galvanized square tube into two categories. Galvanized square pipe with wet, dry, lead, zinc, oxidation reduction method. Different methods of hot dip galvanized steel pipe main difference in the acid leaching after cleaning, the method used to improve the surface activation of galvanized pipe quality. Are mainly the production of dry and oxidation-reduction method, which is characterized in Table. Electro-galvanized zinc layer of the surface is very smooth and dense, homogeneous; has good mechanical properties and corrosion resistance; hot dip galvanized zinc consumption lower than 60% to 75%. Galvanized of the technical complexity, but the single-sided coating, inside and outside surface of the coating thickness of the different double-sided coating, and thin-walled tube galvanized h ave to be using this method.


Hot-rolled seamless steel pipe defect


1 uneven wall thickness
Features: steel pipe in the same section of uneven thickness, the big difference between the maximum wall thickness and minimum wall thickness.

2 wall thickness of ultra-poor
Features: pipe wall thickness one-way ultra-poor, ultra-positive deviation is called extra-thick wall thickness; the negative deviation is called ultra-thin wall thickness.


What is large-diameter hot-expanding seamless steel pipe?

Large-diameter hot-expanding seamless steel pipe product, as smelting, rolling main line extension, he used the "medium frequency heating, hydraulic push system" Expanding process, our factory has three advanced thermal expansion of pipe production line can be a variety of to 820mm diameter steel pipe expansion following a variety of specifications. In recent years, large-diameter seamless steel pipe factory has formed a variety of full scale structural systems in the oil and gas pipelines, building structures, petrochemical and other industries, to specifications, superior quality, quick delivery, reasonable price and other advantages by industry praise. Products are widely used in aerospace, chemical, construction, food, industrial control, medical, nuclear power plant, oil and gas development and production, transportation and seabed exploration and other fields.

coil tube heat

Coil volume heat exchanger is very common on board applications, mainly used for heating the deep tank body storage and some crude oil, edible oil, grease and syrup goods. These fluids at room temperature because the viscosity is too high can not handle the steam coil to raise the temperature of the liquid, to reduce their viscosity so that it can be pumped.


Steel pipe industry development

First, Steel pipe and associated industries
Steel pipe has been widely applied in industry, agriculture, transportation, defense, aviation, aerospace and high-tech fields. Manufacturing raw materials and production processes, steel sub-seamless and welded steel pipe.