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LSAW steel pipe symbol and acceptance

An outer diameter less than 36mm of LSAW steel pipe and shaped cross-section perimeter is less than 150mm of LSAW steel pipes, from time to print in mind.

2 outside diameter not less than 36mm of LSAW steel pipe and the cross-section shaped perimeter not less than 150mm of LSAW steel pipe, straight seam should be at each end of the pipe ends are printing, stamping, roll printing, stamp or mark paste . Mark should be clear and obvious, not falling. Mark should include the steel grade, the product rules

Cells, production and supply-side mark the standard number or registered trademarks LSAW steel pipe steel grades should be printed after the heat number, lot number. Geology, petroleum steel pipe with a straight seam pipe fittings, grade or grade should sign. Screw thread of the car left LSAW steel pipe, standard number should be printed after the "Left"

The word. Low pressure liquid delivery pipe and galvanized welded straight-seam welded straight-seam pipe, wire pipe, straight seam welding for general purpose steel pipe, straight seam welded steel pipe-shaped cross-section, complex-shaped cross-section of straight seam steel pipe seamless, may direct in each pipe joints on the printed record.

3 bundles packaged on each bundle of LSAW steel pipe should be not less than two hanging signs (each mark on the LSAW steel pipe can be linked to a sign). Signs should be marked: supply-side mark or registered trademarks of steel grades (product standard does not provide, except by heat number delivered), batch number, contract number

, Product requirements, product standards, weight or root number, date of manufacture and for the technical supervision departments of the mark.

4 containers of LSAW steel pipe and fittings, the container should be attached to a plate. The outer end surface of the container should also put up a sign. Signs on the content should be consistent with the provisions of 3.3. 2.5 pairs of straight seam steel pipes marked changes in the requirements, if any, to be provided in the product standard, or by supply and demand the agreement.

A straight seam steel quality inspection and acceptance, by the supply-side technical quality supervision departments.

2 supplier must ensure that the delivery of straight seam steel pipe products meet appropriate standards. Demand side is entitled to appropriate product standards for inspection and acceptance.

3 straight seam steel pipes should be submitted to batch acceptance rules should be consistent with the corresponding set of approved product standards.

4 straight seam steel pipes of test items, sample size, sampling location and test methods, according to the corresponding product standards.The need to agree,hot-rolled seamless steel pipe can be rolled straight seam root array batch of samples.

5 LSAW steel pipe test results, a particular product does not meet the standard requirements, should single out those who fail, and from the same batch of LSAW steel pipe, either to take twice the number of samples, the failed project of re- experience.
Retest results (including the pilot project required by any indicator) failed, the batch of LSAW steel pipe shall not be delivered.
The following test items, when the first failed inspection, does not allow for re-inspection:
a. Low magnification of white spots;
b. microstructure.
6 failed re-inspection results (including results of initial inspection failed microstructure, does not allow re-inspection of the project) LSAW steel pipe for acceptance be submitted by the root; or re-heat treatment (no more than twice the number of re-heat treatment) , made a new batch of acceptance.
7, such as product standards are not as special provisions, the chemical composition of LSAW steel pipe for acceptance by melting ingredients.

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