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The difference of hot dip galvanized square tube and cold galvanizing square tube

Galvanized square tube in two ways: hot-dipped galvanized square pipe and galvanized square tube into two categories. Galvanized square pipe with wet, dry, lead, zinc, oxidation reduction method. Different methods of hot dip galvanized steel pipe main difference in the acid leaching after cleaning, the method used to improve the surface activation of galvanized pipe quality. Are mainly the production of dry and oxidation-reduction method, which is characterized in Table. Electro-galvanized zinc layer of the surface is very smooth and dense, homogeneous; has good mechanical properties and corrosion resistance; hot dip galvanized zinc consumption lower than 60% to 75%. Galvanized of the technical complexity, but the single-sided coating, inside and outside surface of the coating thickness of the different double-sided coating, and thin-walled tube galvanized h ave to be using this method.

Stronger protective effect of galvanizing the anti-corrosion ability. The entire structure from the zinc to form a compact four-element crystals, the crystals form a layer on the steel barrier, which effectively prevent the corrosion factor penetration. Corrosion-resistant barrier layer of zinc protection from strong function. When the zinc in the trimming, coating scratches and abrasions as the expense of some protection, they form insoluble zinc oxide layer, play a barrier function.

Mainly used in curtain wall construction, machinery manufacturing, iron and steel construction projects, shipbuilding, solar power bracket, steel structure engineering, power engineering, power plants, agricultural and chemical machinery, glass curtain wall, chassis, airports and so on.


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